Assembly and production


  • All types of mechanical installations, steam boilers and exchange stations;
  • All types of heating, hot water, steam and gas pipelines, gas installations and pumping stations;
  • Compressed air distribution plant installations;
  • Pressure vessel and liquid fuel tanks;
  • Instalacija postrojenja vazdušnog grijanja i klimatizacije u objektima različite namjene i
  • Installation of air heating and air conditioning plants in buildings for various purposes and
    Systems of industrial suction and pneumatic transport of sawdust, as well as other waste in the wood industry.

Maintenance and service

Security, accuracy, expertise and teamwork.

After successful installation and completed projects, we are pleased to continue to take care of our customers through the maintenance services of the delivered systems.

Continuous education, constant investment in production and dedicated management are confirmation that Interclima is the best choice for cooperation.

Mechanical projects and design solutions

Complete service of making machine projects and design solutions. Engineering and business management services. Equipment production and procurement services. Assembly services.

Laboratory measurement

Laboratory measurement and proof of designed parameters (air flow, air flow rate, measurement of noise, humidity, temperature, pressure, ultrasonic measurement of fluid flow in the pipeline, etc.).

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance and calibration of equipment in Germany at the Institute of Metrology ``Testo SE & Co. KgaA”- Lenzkirch, Germany.

Measuring devices

Measurements are performed with Testo and Micronics devices in accordance with the adopted ISO 17025 standard.