About us

Interclima Ltd. arose from the desire to introduce and apply top standards in the field of thermotechnical installations in the region that is constantly being built and renewed. In order to keep up with the world’s achievements, we are constantly investing in the education of our own staff.

Our basic strategy for achieving the goal is to have “Complete quality management” in all business segments.

Expertise of staff, modern production and assembly equipment and flexible approach to work guarantees clients of Interclima Ltd. services and products of European quality.

Our strategic goal is to ensure such quality of products and services, which will make customers satisfied and safe consumers, long-term basis.

Company profile

Project office

Within the company there is a project office, whose task is to construct and design systems according to the latest norms and standards ASHRAE, DIN, SMACNA, EN, ETC.

Production and installation

All types of mechanical installations, steam boilers and exchange stations, all types of heating, hot water, steam and gas pipelines, gas installations.

Service and maintenance

After successful installation and completed projects, we are pleased to continue to take care of our customers through the maintenance services of the delivered systems.

Action profile

Interclima Ltd. covers the market of the entire region of Southeast Europe. He does most of his work in BiH, where he is headquartered.

We successfully meet a large part of the needs of the largest construction site in the country – Sarajevo.


Interclima d.o.o.

We are determined to meet the needs and expectations of our clients

State-of-the-art equipment

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for system construction and design with respect to modern norms and standards (ASHRAE, DIN, SMACNA, EN, etc.).


We design all types of mechanical installations, boiler rooms, ventilation and air conditioning, heating and cooling, compressed air installations, compressor stations…

Energy and the environment

We care about saving energy, protecting the environment and finding optimal and efficient solutions for our customers.

Software solutions

In the preparation and preparation of project documentation for the Swedish and world markets, we work closely with the construction company SWECO (Sweden) using current versions of software solutions (MagiCad and Auto Cad Mechanical 3D.)


We prepare complete project documentation for thermotechnical installations.

Our references

Gallery of completed projects

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