About us

Interclima Ltd. arose from the desire to introduce and apply top standards in the field of thermotechnical installations in the region that is constantly being built and renewed. In order to keep up with the world’s achievements, we are constantly investing in the education of our own staff. Our basic strategy for achieving the goal is to have “Complete quality management” in all business segments. Expertise of staff, modern production and assembly equipment and flexible approach to work guarantees clients of Interclima Ltd. services and products of European quality. Our strategic goal is to ensure such quality of products and services, which will make customers satisfied and safe consumers, long-term basis.

Company strategy

We base our business on complete quality control

We work every day on the professional development of our employees in order to meet the highest requirements of our clients

We are constantly working on the development and modernization of our production program

We install and perform works in cooperation with our clients

The strategic goal of our company is a satisfied customer and a reliable consumer

Our primary goal is a satisfied customer, and we achieve this by:

  • delivery of top-quality equipment according to the highest world standards with special attention to environmental protection;
  • respecting the agreed delivery deadlines;
  • continuous communication with the client;
  • continuous work to improve all business activities and
  • by providing the necessary materials and educated workers.

We achieve the strategic goal by:

  • researching the market and finding new jobs;
  • expanding our production and service program;
  • expanding capacity and introducing new, innovative, modern technologies in our business;
  • by educating and training our employees and
  • by monitoring process and product quality.

Organizational units

Project Bureau

Commercial department

Company profile

The company was founded in 1996.

Design, production and execution of works.

``Turnkey`` - we offer our customers a complete production and assembly service.

More than 200 employees in various sectors (production, design, installation, transport, logistics and administration) are behind the top completed projects across the country, the region and Europe.


Quality policy

Our goal is::

  • Satisfied customer and safe consumer;
  • Ensure the highest level of quality of products and services;
  • Satisfaction of our employees;
  • Step in front of others and
  • Continuous work on improving the quality management system.

We achieve the set goals by:

  • Each individual in their workplace in accordance with the responsibilities directly affects the improvement of quality;
  • We are continuously working on the education and professional development of all employees and thus successfully responding to the requirements.


Successful activity in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning certainly involves the use of gases and many other substances and materials that can harm the environment and the environment of each individual. As a socially responsible company, we pay special attention to this segment within the activity we perform. We follow modern world trends and promulgated international regulations in this area on a daily basis, and we continuously provide additional training to our staff, as evidenced by the numerous certificates issued so far on behalf of our company.

It is this segment within our business that places us in the group of socially responsible, environmentally conscious companies that care about the environment and the environment.